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There is a crystal for everyone

You are interested in the power that crystals can bring you, but you actually don’t exactly know which crystal you should pick. You are at the right place.

Besides the crystals, gemstones and minerals that I offer, you will find a lot of information about these crystals. You can also find information about the zodiac signs and chakra’s that are connected to minerals. This is how I want to share my passion for crystals with you!

The crystal attracts your attention. Listen to your inner feeling to see if that pulls towards this Stone as well. Of course you can also choose a stone that you find very beautiful. Often this is also the stone that attracts your attention. This is the stone you (probably) need the most.

There are so many crystals to find in the world that I always try to expand my gemstone knowledge, but if there is anything you are missing, please don’t hesitate and contact me!

Are you looking for a handmade epoxy pyramid (or any other shape), with one or more crystals inside please let me know. I offer custom made orgonites that I can make especially for you. Customized with the colors you pick and the gemstone/crystal of your choosing.

You will have a unique decor piece, which also offers the special power of the specific gem you have chosen. A great way to re-energize you and your home.


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Unakite Pendant 4
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Tiger Eye Pendant 2
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Labradorite Pendant 2
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Labradorite Pendant 3
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Agate Pendant 1
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Labradorite point 2
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