About Me

Amanda Arnoldus - van Ijzendoorn

I am Amanda

…a young woman from the Netherlands. In 2020 my husband and I decided to move to Egypt with our 2 sons.

Through a friend of mine I was introduced to gemstones, minerals and orgonites. I’ve had gemstones in the past but didn’t have the feeling with them that I have now since a few years. Now you can almost say that I am addicted to these beautiful objects, with the move it was of course extremely important that my collection of gemstones and minerals would go with me (about 15 kg). 

Also my 2 sons find the stones very interesting, both have some in their room. My oldest son is, like me, a highly sensitive person. He regularly chooses a different stone from my collection and I notice a difference in his behavior. Every day I carry one or more stones with me.


I would like to share my passion with you and started this webshop. The stones I buy come from trusted suppliers from all over the world. Therefore, the prices may sometimes be a little higher, but the quality is also higher. This way I know for sure that there will be no fake stones among them. Should this be the case, I will certainly mention this with the stone. Because even some “manmade” stones are beautiful! 


Besides the crystals I offer, I also make orgonites of epoxy with different stones in it myself. So I have an orgonite for everyone and for every mood. Of course I can also make them as a special order for you.

I offer a wide selection of crystals, orgonites & accessories


& so much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions I receive the most about my services.

If I missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help

Yes, I buy my Crystals only at trusted, and high recommended companies.

It is possible to send all over the World. If you don’t live in Egypt. Please contact us for the shipping costs. 

Yes this is possible. I live in Hurghada. Please contact us and we can make an appointment.

Yes you can pick up the order yourself. Please contact us to make an appointment. 

Unfortunately it is not possible to pay with card at our location. We accept only cash, but also use Vodafone Cash. 

You can pay by credit/debit card or with a Paypal account. 

See what I have to offer!