from Crown to Root

Find your crystal by Chakra

Chakras can be seen as energy centers of our body through which impressions from outside and inside are absorbed and processed. In Sanskrit, Chakra means ‘wheel’ or ‘vortex of power’. There are many different types of Chakras but most schools of thought that work with Chakras assume seven main Chakras. Each Chakra can be seen as a symbol for a place in the body where there is increased energy. Each Chakra resonates with a particular color, sound and with physical and psychological functions.

The proper functioning of the Chakras is of great importance to be comfortable in your skin. To allow us to experience optimally and consciously who we are and how we are doing. It is important that the Chakras are all open and that there is balance between the seven Chakras so that the energy can flow optimally through our bodies. Your Chakras can become unbalanced due to various circumstances such as stress. A Chakra can become less active or even completely blocked. All Chakras are connected to each other and when a Chakra is less active or over active the other Chakras will compensate. The unbalance of your Chakras often results in physical, emotional and psychological complaints. When your Chakras are balanced the energy can flow freely and you often feel good and in harmony.

Gemstones can play an important role in the functioning of the Chakras because of their unique properties such as color, shape and composition. Gemstones can, for example, release and dissolve energy blockages in the body so that the energy can flow properly again. This makes gemstones and chakras a beautiful combination.