Nephrite Jade

Power & Benefits of Nephrite: 

Nephrite is good for protection, and yin/yang balance. It instils a sense of stillness and quiet in the mind and heart. It allows you to appreciate life and express gratitude. 

Spiritual & Emotional Influence: 

Nephrite is thought to be a great stone for protection and to remember to practice good boundaries. It can even help you see what you have the potential to do in your life. 

The Physical Connection: 

It is thought to help relieve bacterial and viral infections. It is said to boost the immune system and the adrenal glands. It is also thought to be good for the effects that stress has on the body. It is considered to be a good stone to have on hand to prevent illnesses. 

Astrological SignsConnected to Nephrite:

The Chakras Connected to Nephrite: 

Locations Found & History: 

Canada, China, and the United States. Nephrite Jade first came from the Kunlun Mountains of northwest China, from 5000 BC to the 1700s and it continues to be sourced there as well as in the United States and Canada. Nephrite was used throughout history for weapons, and then later for carvings and special ornaments. It’s known as the oldest and true Chinese jade. Nephrite and Jadeite were once considered the same, and while they do look similar and have similar properties there are slight differences between the two which were noted in 1863. Jadeite is harder than Nephrite and it also comes in pretty much every colour while Nephrite only comes in several different colours.
Nephrite is older than Jadeite though which means that any Chinese carving that’s older than 230 years old is Nephrite because Jadeite wasn’t known until 1740. Back then, Nephrite was known as Yu stone, or the Stone of Heaven, and people were often buried with six specific nephrite jade figures which would ensure their soul’s passage to heaven. It’s not only popular with Chinese culture, it’s also been a part of Russian history, Indigenous North American history, and the history of the Maori from New Zealand. 

Rarity, Value & Variations: 

Nephrite is a type of Jade with Actinolite in it also called Greenstone. It is a form of amphibole a fibrous rock. It is one of the strongest natural stones. It’s not able to be carved by chiselling but has to be ground down. 

How to Use Nephrite: 

Keep this stone with you for protection and to help restore balance in yourself and your emotions. 

* Please note that gemstones should not be used as a substitute for your prescriptions or alternative treatment for any illness or health problem. Healing gemstones are not the solution but additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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