Mar 21 – Apr 19

Day: Tuesday
Colour: Red
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars

Since those born under the Aries sign have a tendency to express a great deal of intensity in all of their life choices, a strong solid diamond can provide a degree of stability. By combining the healing properties of a diamond with the more positive aspects of their astrological sign’s personality, an individual can focus their lives and achieve whatever it is that they hope to work towards.

While a birthstone is normally given as a thoughtful gift based around a tradition in which stones are matched to birthdays, there are no reasons that the person receiving it won’t receive all the benefits of a high-quality piece of diamond. Healing diamonds are said to help with feelings of dizziness and may have an impact on how well someone sleeps. Those who want to eliminate bad auras have long turned to this powerful stone in the hopes of assuaging their concerns.

Balancing the Traits of an Aries

Since those born under the Aries sign have a tendency to be rather dominant, they charge forward like the animal that they’re represented by. While this is normally treated as a positive trait, it can easily turn into unbridled aggression. The diamond birthstone that they boast can help to bring balance and stability to their lives.

You might want to consider raw diamonds if you were giving a gift to someone born under this sign. Jewellery may prove to be a more traditional type of gift, but it’s one that’s valued nonetheless. People have been giving birthstone jewellery to friends and family on their birthdays for many years. It’s a time-honoured practice and one that could be deemed quite romantic depending on the type of relationship you enjoy with the person that you’re giving a gift to.

In fact, there are a number of special jewelled settings that might be ideal for those who’d prefer to give a very romantic gift to their significant other. You might want to consider a set of jewellery that includes both the birthstone of your favourite Aries as well as your own.

Perhaps fittingly, diamonds are sometimes seen as a symbol of everlasting love. This could be due to the fact that they’re remarkably durable. There isn’t one dedicated way for people to calculate birthstones, however, so you have some other options as well.

Birthstones for those Born Under The Ram

Amethyst, which can help people deal with mood swings, has been seen as a birthstone as has citrine. That stone can help individuals retain their confidence, though that’s nothing something that many Aries will need at all! Everyone could use some better fortunes in their lives, which is why aventurine is also a popular pick for those who regularly give out birthstone-themed gifts. Over the years, aventurine stones have been almost universally associated with good fortune.

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