Jun 21 – Jul 22

Day: Monday, Thursday
Colour: White
: Water
Ruling planet: Moon

Water guides those born with the cancer crab sign. As a result, people who are Cancer on the zodiac tend to be emotional, passionate and courageous. They aren’t afraid to speak up their minds but may find themselves drifting with the currents that come with day-to-day living. Water represents change, from the way that currents overlap in the river to how waves lap at the beach.

Cancer sign holders have the moon as their celestial body. The moon is a symbol of peace and the subconscious that also advocates for change. Consider how the moon’s gravitational Water as the primary element helps a Cancer relax, the way crabs are at home on the beach.

In terms of the right gemstones, Cancers need to find ones that align their energies with the subconscious. Your creative energies and passionate emotions need control so that neither one sweeps you away and reduces your productivity.

Most compatible with:

Matching Stones:

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