May 21 – Jun 21

Day: Wednesday
Colour: Light-Green, Yellow
Element: Air
Ruling planet: Mercury

Gemini, for those born between May 21 and June 21, represents harmony and balance. The fraternal twins in the constellation, Castor and Pollux, treasured the bond they had as siblings and friends. Pollux shared his immortality with Castor, which led to them becoming part of the stars. In time, they became the patron for sailors and provided guidance in horsemanship.

Much as the two brothers Castor and Pollux decided to share immortality and live in the sky, Geminis prefer to socialize with others rather than seek solitude. The sign holders represent innocence and passion. They express themselves freely and aren’t afraid to hide their emotions.

Balancing Traits Of A Gemini:

A Gemini sign holder lies under Air as an element. This means they can be naturally curious if having a hard time staying grounded. Geminis are also pragmatic, and they can use analytical skills and logic to solve a problem. They are often well-read and love listening to music. In addition, a Gemini can show flexibility in a decision.  

Mercury and the element air both rule the Gemini. As the god Mercury was light-footed and quick-witted, so will those with the twin sign find themselves restless to explore the world, and find the missing pieces in their lives. This can potentially lead to indecisiveness for serious decisions, an unwillingness to settle for a handful of goals, or a lack of maturity when the occasion calls for it.  

Those born under the sign also have lucid communication skills and perform well in various team sports. A Gemini is great at making friends while having to work hard to keep them. Often one keeps seeking an ultimate connection, which can mean creating multiple bonds. The sign holders love to party and socialize. 

Birthstones For Those Born With The Twins:

A Gemini sign holder will want a stone that balances their life and provides the opportunity to meet more like-minded people. Meditation can allow for grounding, and harnessing natural energies. Mercury’s fortune can wax and wane, and so you would rather harness the planet’s hot energy for your benefit.

A Gemini birthstone will allow the sign holder to work with their disposition, whether curious or logical and make it a viable strength. It can allow one to dig deep into their inner self, and to provide accurate introspection. 

 When you want to harness the moon, moonstone will provide apt positive energy. You can use it to show your positive vibes and strengthen persuasive arguments. To lean into Mercury as the trickster god and thief, alexandrite turns supposed negative traits into positive ones, as a healing stone.

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