Nov 22 – Dec 21

Day: Thursday
Colour: Blue
Element: Fire
Ruling planet: Jupiter

The archer in the sky guides everyone born between November 22 and December 21. Sagittarius represented Chiron the centaur to the Greeks, a healer and a teacher for great heroes. Chiron may have created the constellation to provide guidance for Jason, his most famous student, and the Argonauts. Other Greek groups identified the archer as Crotus the satyr and a son of the god Pan. 

Sagittarius stands next to Antares, the star that represents Scorpio’s heart. The archer is ready to attack the scorpion to protect others.

Balancing Traits Of A Sagittarius:

Those who carry the sign are more likely to travel and seek adventure in other places. A Sagittarius is cheerful and generous, with their time and belongings, and has a great sense of humour. They have a lot of energy and express it through various aspects of life such as projects or hobbies.

Jupiter rules this sign in the zodiac, representing power and the ancient king of the gods. Fire is the primary element, to provide much-needed energy at the end of the year. Sagittarius are honest and upfront with their emotions. This means that you can rely on them so that when you ask questions, they will tell the truth.

With that said, too much honesty can become a drawback. A Sagittarius will always speak the truth, but risks sounding tactless. They may also be impatient in a situation that requires finesse. The sign holder may overcommit to their obligations and find themselves unable to honour a promise. They need to find balance in their lives.

Birthstones For Those Born Under The Archer:

Good gemstones for Sagittarius help them find a way to focus their spirit and fun on productive tasks. They simply need a direction in which to travel or a map. A suitable crystal array will help them find focus and the push they need to accomplish their goals before the end of the year.

Lapis lazuli is a stone used for painting and to add rich blue colour to life; it also allows for a more spiritual connection. Clear your mind when meditating with it, to understand when to say the truth and what to speak. Amethyst does the same, allowing you to tap into intuition to make a difficult decision, filling a mind with patience.

Other selections include labradorite, amazonite and clear quartz. Labradorite works with the third eye chakra, helping a user to find their purpose. A Sagittarius may find themselves developing hip problems, and amazonite soothes the pain that results. On days with low energy, clear quartz powers up the body, and the spirit. 

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