Apr 20 – May 20

Day: Friday, Monday
Colour: Green, pink colour
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus

A Taurus, born between April 20 and May 20, is known for being reliable and grounded. The bull in the sky promises steadfastness and to complete their obligations with ease. They also stick to their grounds and abide by stringent morals and values, but also actively seek a change in scenery and perspective. As the bull travels in the sky to find inner peace and purpose, those born under this star in the sky will want to see the world. 

Venus, the planet of love, rules Taurus. For that reason, a Taurus wants to hold onto the activities and pleasures in life that bring pure happiness. They will work hard to earn their way and honour their promises to others. A Taurus carries a sense of romance and wants more from the world. They seek more wealth and luck. 

Taurus holders are best trying to invite good fortune into their lives. They want to show their sentimental side and enjoy life without worry. For that reason, the best stones are ones that invite good luck. 

Most compatible with: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn

Matching Stones:

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